Found this 60 mm socket on Amazon. It’s a Great Neck product, and it works. I’ll be doing a tutorial soon on removing the rear wheel and then putting it back on. Should be a fun one. This is a 3/4-inch drive socket, so I also needed a socket adapter to go from 1/2-inch drive to this “beast.” It fits perfectly by the way, so any 60 mm socket you can find should work.

The KTM Power Parts items are high quality. I added them to bring a little tank protection. I think they look good and don’t require any special skills to install. Just stick where you want to see them.



This is how to remove the emissions. This is for educational purposes only. It is not something I recommend you do, and I cannot be held liable for anything that may go wrong should you attempt to do the same on your Super Duke.

I purchased a stage 3 kit from Rottweiler Performance, as shown here below. The yellow hoses will allow for carb synchronization in the future after I install the air intake. This is my first step in the engine upgrade category. As shown in the packaging, visit their downloads page for their installation information.

Stage 3 Emission Removal Kit

Below: What’s in the little bag inside the big bag. There are 16 total pieces in the package.