This page is about me, personally.

  • I created Tom Glander Media. Had this cool logo made by Mese Smith. It’s featured in the keyboard video below as an “intro” with a slam effect and smoke and dust. It’s pretty cool, even if I say so. I created it in Adobe After Effects. I also taught myself Adobe Premier Pro and create tutorials for that product that will be available at some point for purchase.
  • I trained with Tim Tippets, VO Guru, on the technical aspects of sounding great on mic. His course is called “Audition Ready” and is unlike any other out there. Check out his course here.
  • There’s a free section so you can see the quality he delivers. If you do any work with a microphone, this course is your “key to the kingdom.” From Voicing YouTube videos to actually working in the VO industry, this course will turn you into a different animal.
  • I’m a Registered Nurse by trade. I create training programs for circulating nurses in the OR. I also create these “how to” videos that people watch on my YouTube channel.
  • And of course, I’ve created this website and blog and all the stuff you see here.
  • I was a pipe organ builder before I went to nursing school. I created OPUS 1 and OPUS 2 for Richards, Fowkes & Co. Pipe Organ Builders. I was the case maker, and of course it was a huge team effort with 5 other people involved. Today, the company is 30 years old and has gone on to create even more amazing instruments.
  • I worked in the building trades in high school. Learned carpentry, house framing, hung and finished drywall. Did residential electrical work for DG Electric in Banning, CA.
  • Took on an apprenticeship role in Radiation Engineering for two years at Loma Linda University Medical Center. We installed and maintained X-Ray equipment. That’s where I worked with Paul Olm, a Master Machinist, and learned my way around an end mill and lathe.
  • Music has been a passion of mine “forever” and I’m classically trained as a pianist. Took me 5 years of lessons, 4 of those starting in 4th grade, and one year as an adult student. Today I just play for my own enjoyment. Check out this performance of “Bring Me To Life” by the band Evanescence. Yep, that’s me at the keyboard.
  • I’d come home from working in surgery, after a 12-hour shift, and unwind at the keyboard. I know 4 tunes by heart, this one, plus STYX Come Sail Away, JOURNEY’S Don’t Stop Believin’, “VAN HALEN’S Jump, and I’m working on a LIONEL RITCHIE piece, Easy.
  • I took 2 years of trumpet lessons in elementary school and learned that instrument.
  • I created Glander Creative where I made a lot of exotic wood boxes. You can see my stuff on my Glander Creative Facebook Page, except Facebook is being stupid right now and won’t display the page. Whatever. It’s all there. I need to resurrect the website so people can see the stuff I made.
  • I turn pens on a lathe. My pen turning video is right here:
  • I’m “gifted” with excellent eye-hand coordination, remodeled a house in Battle Creek, MI, located at 268 Garfield Ave, that was built around 1860. A three story Victorian era home that I gutted and restored. It was a two-year project that I worked on during the day when not working at night in the ICU tending to patients on ventilators. Pretty crazy stuff when I look back on it.

I do enjoy camping and have a Ford F350 Dually and Voltage 3950 fifth wheel trailer with triple slides and a 12-foot garage. You can see on the site I created years ago,

I also created a super fast way to start a campfire… video is on my YouTube page. It’s real short and sweet. Here you go…

  • I’ve ridden motorcycles and love them and appreciated them since I was 12 years old. Today I’m 57 years old, and I’m still doing stuff that others might think is crazy, but that’s who I am. I’m not crazy, just have many varied abilities. I’ve been called a Renaissance Man by some, and it’s probably an accurate description.
  • Today, I work on this blog, shoot photos with my Sony alpha 6300 camera, shoot video, produce video, and add to my YouTube channel when I’m not training nurses how to work in surgery, or managing the two surgery centers I’m responsible for. Closing in on 500 videos there, many are rather eclectic and there’s a lot Disneyland stuff there. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and have grown children. And that’s all there is to know at the moment. “I gotta pee.” (Forest Gump)… so I’ll leave this right here for now. Thanks for stopping by to read about me. I wish you the best.
  • Oh, finally, I enjoy my Corvette but will probably turn it in when the lease is up. You can see the car on the dyno here, before the Eddelbrock blower addition. That was a fun 4 days, installing that thing with Nate.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for stopping by.