Remove the headlight to gain access to the turn signal wiring and the connector for heated grips. Removal is straight forward, but knowing a few little things will help make this job much easier.

How it’s done.

If you need TORX drivers, check these out on Amazon. The driver I’m using in the video is from Harbor Freight. They work, but if you don’t want to drive there, and want delivery by Amazon, then this is the ticket.

If you want 1/4-inch TORX drivers that you can use with a socket set, then these are great. You can’t have too many tools, right? I’m going to order a set for myself. These come with a security tip, which has a little hole drilled in the end that allows for removal of TORX head bolts with that built-in security bump. A great tool to have in your chest.

The trim removal tool is a great thing to have in the shop. There are many options for this type of tool. From Amazon, there’s a really cool set that comes with a case. Or you can buy a single tool from an auto parts store. If you want more options, Amazon is your friend. Here’s what I recommend. A complete kit that gives you everything you might need, for your bike and for your automobiles or trucks. Super versatile and not very expensive.